Witch Bitch the movie


Logline :
A pimp hits the road to have his favorite prostitute exorcised at Lourdes.

Synopsis :
Mario runs a small town brothel. Even though he is an actual pimp who looks like an old lout, Mario has a heart. Indeed the Italian pimp is in love with one of his prostitutes : the beautiful Maria. In the business, to fall in love with one of oneself own prostitute is calling for trouble.
Comes the day when Maria is cursed with a strange evil, Mario decides to do whatever it takes to kick the demon out of Maria. He calls for an exorcist, but the ceremony ends up in a bloodbath. Maria rips the exorcist’s throat and makes it her snack.
For the first time of his life, Mario feels helpless. Short of ideas, he decides to hit the road to Lourdes, the possessed prostitute in the trunk of his car.


With                 Alice Taurand, Gérard Dessalles,Chris Agullo, Dan Bronchinson, Rurik Sallé, Maud Galet-Lalande, Daniel Gaunard, Philippe Linck, Jennifer Brzecki, Jean Louis Gruyer, Monsieur et Madame Trunzo
Directed by    Thierry Paya
Writer by        Colin Vettier
Produced by   Stéphane Humbert, Thierry Paya

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The Press kit (sorry in french) : Download the Witch Bitch Press Kit

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